2018 Reading Updates: November Update

November is always a bit of a weird reading-month for me. I’m bombarded with work, there’s non-stop classes, I’m getting thoroughly exhausted from the non-stop go-go-go… I calculated it, and I’m averaging about 50 hours-a-week, without calculating my tutoring sessions and my transport hours. No wonder I’m tired non-stop! And no wonder I’m struggling to […]

2018 Reading Updates: June Update

I remember writing for May that I felt like I hadn’t read enough… Well, here I am, with June over and… Well, let’s just say this doesn’t feally like it’s been the greatest reading month either. We’ll just blame exams, shall we? My 2018 reading updates June update! What I read A grant total of […]

2018 Reading Updates: April Update

The good thing about April: it usually involves at least some free days or just regular holidays. Which, of course, should be put to excellent use. Through reading. Of course 🙂 And in this case? That’s resulted in quite a bit of books to be discussed in this 2018 reading updates april edition! What I read I […]