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A Perfect Saturday

So every once in a while, you have one of those days, you know. You’re fine with not working (pretty rare, in my case). The weather’s miraculously amazing. You may even have the best food ever. For everybody, those days could look a little different but, quite frankly? I might just have had one of… Read More A Perfect Saturday

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Forever a student

Also known as: me. I’m fairly prototypical in that way. After all, there’s no way you’re gonna get six diploma’s in six years if you don’t have a deep love for learning, right? I have to admit, though, that I haven’t always considered myself a good student. I was bored for a majority of high school,… Read More Forever a student

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A list of firsts

There’s something fun about a first, isn’t there? The excitemen, the stress, not knowing what will be next… And, in this case: the fun of knowing that it’s the first time writing about a lot of firsts! As you may or may not know, I’m currently participating in #40DaysofBlogging (#40DagenBloggen). Basically: one blogposts for each… Read More A list of firsts

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Focus Word: Enough

So I’ve been playing with this idea for a while now. Last year, I figured giving myself 52 goals would be a good idea. Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking either. But along 2017 I started following Blair Lambs Rooted-series. And something about the concept of a “Focus Word” spoke to me. Because… Read More Focus Word: Enough