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52 Goals February Update

A majority of the time, I try to finish all my posts at least a week ahead of their publication date You know, give myself some leverage, and a lot less stress. This week, however, has been absolutely mental. What with the second half of my internship being next week, I’ve been drowning in preparations. And as such, I have not only not yet finished this post, I’m pretty sure I also completely failed to get anything done for this 52 goals February update. None the less, here goes nothing!

So, I have exactly 30 minutes before this post is supposed to go live, so I’m going to be doing things a bit different on this one. Be sure to let me know if you prefer this way of handling the goals updates to last months version!

1. Personal

As I said already, this has been a really busy month on the school front, and that usually means I fail at least slightly on the personal front. None the less, I did manage to get some sushi and some pizza in this mont, and I even tried a couple of new recipes. All hail to Hello Fresh for that last one, by the way, their boxes generally make my life so much easier.

As for just about everything else, however, I kinda failed. You see, I didn’t really have time to take nights off (which sounds horrible, because I only aimed for one night every two weeks to begin with 😮 ). And as such, I certainly didn’t have time to bake, learn a new language, … And because I didn’t do something sporty at least 3 times a week (I think I managed 2 sporty things on average…)… Well, the whole body-loving kinda fell in the water as well…

Here’s to hoping March will be better, right? And hey, I did buy 2 new types of tea last week, so at least I can start making some progress on that one!

2. Books

This one is probably the only one I’m feeling pretty good about. You see, I bought books. I read a book that was over 2000 pages (can we just get a round of applause for that?) I read every single day, and that was mainly because I actually made time to read.

So yes, all together, I’m pretty happy with this one!

3. School / work

As I already mentioned before, this category has basically taken over my life. And although I completely failed at keeping up the blog I had to start for my Masters in journalism, I did have to start up another one, so there’s that. I feel like I might be kicking some butt at my teaching internship, and I’m actually well on my way to graduating both Masters. I only failed one course of the 12 I took last term, and it should be something I can make up quite easily. Or, well, at least, so I hope 🙂

I also had to give my Master’s dissertation presentation, and apparently I’ve accidentally set up an experiment. Don’t ask me how that happened, because I was sure I was just taking a survey. But you know, at least now I know what I’ve been doing all along? 🙂

4. Blog

I guess in a way you could say I’ve been pretty good at this one as well. I mean, I did get 3 posts out on this blog every week, I’m still loving it, and I have been pinning once every week. However, I did so more by default, I think, than purposefully. You know, like, I had some posts still stocked, I just happened to find myself on Pinterest. So for March, as soon as my internship is done at least, I really would like to buckle down on this category. And as I already stated at the beginning: having 2 out of 3 posts written a week beforehand? Yeah, that was a fail :p

And there you have it, that’s how I’ve been doing on my 52 goals for 2017. Did you give yourself any goals for this year? And if so, how have you been doing on them? Be sure to let me know below!


52 Goals of 2017