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Tags #12: The ABC-Tag

So apparently I’ve made a full turn and I’m back at the tags? This ABC-tag is exactly what you probably think it is: one question for every letter for the alphabet. And my replies – naturally.



Best friend

I’m incredibly lucky in that I have two 🙂

Chore you hate

Doing the dishes. Loath it. Also: I just never want to take the time to do it decently so the bf just insists on doing it by now 🙂


Probably doesn’t exist. It has a library, an open fire, is near a big city but also faces the woods, is a nice mixture of wood and white and black, and requires almost to no cleaning.

Essential start of your day

Water. Fleeces. Cuddles.

Favourite colour

This used to yellow, because that was my god mother’s favourite colour. Then it turned to purple, same reason but for my god father (I think, at least. In my memory, that’s how I decided)

Now, it’s either black (but like the blue-ish black of the middle of the night) or a dark emerald green.

Gold or silver




Instruments I play

The violin.

Well, I used to play it, at least 🙂

Job title (most recent)




Music that you always listen to

Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake or The Nutcracker. Musorgsky’s Exposition of Paintings. Anything that’s on the radio.


I don’t have one!

Overnight hospital stays

None (and quite happy with that, thankyouverymuch)

Phobias or fears

Everything and nothing? I’m really good at rationalizing something and then forgetting all about that rationalization as soon as I’m faced with it?

Quote from a movie

“To live would be an awfully big adventure” (Peter Pan, Hook)

“Honestly, don’t you two read?” (Hermione Granger, Harry Potter)

Reason to smile

Rain, wind, hot chocolate, blankets, old childhood favourites, new books, fairy lights…



Time you wake up

Too early. Both for me, and for everybody around me.


Uuuuhm. I own it?

Very important date this year

Tomorrow. Doesn’t matter what day it is.

Worst habit

Can’t sit still. At all.

X-ray’s you’ve had done

More than you’d think. I keep being clumsy and spraining stuff.

Yummy food you make

Bananabread (although I don’t actually like that)

Mashed potatoes

Oatmeal cookies


Zoo animal


I have no idea why I chose that one, apart than from the fact that maybe I like that it starts with a Z as well?

And there you have it, that’s 26 things you know about me now! If you want to find out more about me, go ahead and check out the other tags I’ve done! And be sure to let me know below: what’s a very important date in your year?