Series in Review: Wildflower Park

I honestly don’t know whether I loved this series, or was more annoyed by it. You see, the Wildflower Park-series is basically more of a serialised novel. In other words: if you add up the four books, you get one complete story. If you don’t, well… Then you will end up like me: frustrated because you need […]

5 Bad Habits I’m Getting Rid Of

Just as a quick disclaimer: I 100% took the inspiration for this post from Natalie Bennett (you can find the video here!). She’s on something of a self-care kick this year, and it’s made me realise that, in all honesty – I probably should be as well. What’s more, she titled it probably the best […]

Mini Reviews #9: Delicious Romance

I had a little while, there, where basically I seemed to be reading was romance with food stores involved… Don’t ask me why or how, but suddenly that was happening. And guess what? It was great! Here’s my mini-reviews for The Cake Shop in the Garden and more delicious romance!  The Cake Shop in the […]

#TBT: 90s songs

Everyone has them, right? The songs from your childhood that come on and you can’t help it? You just have to sing – belt – along? Here’s literally just some of my favourite childhood-must-sing-90s-songs! Baby One More Time You wouldn’t believe how much I wanted to go to a school where you had to wear […]

Turning points: Graduation

Everyone has those moments. You know, the ones you can pinpoint as: “this is where stuff changed”. The ones that either go hand in hand with big life changes, or where something just shifted. I’ve always thought they’re quite interesting. You know, I’m interested in what makes people into who and what they are. And […]