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Christmas Songs

If there’s one thing you should know about me and my love for Christmas? It’s probably that I love Christmas music. So even though I already listed some seasonal music two years ago. And even though I gushed about even more holiday songs last year. And even though I already talked about some Dutch Christmas songs just… Read More Christmas Songs

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My 2017 Christmas-TBR

The first week of Blog-mas has boiled down to absolute madness. Counting teaching, tutoring, preparing exams (which I finally got to hand in this past Friday – FREEDOM!), preparing for classes and correcting assignments, I was easily working upwards of 16 hours per day. I took care to prepare everything for this first week of… Read More My 2017 Christmas-TBR

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Fictional Gifts

You know how sometimes you’re reading a book, or watching a series, and then something just makes you go: “Yes. That. I need that.”? No? Well, get ready then, because this post is nothing but an entire list of exaclty that. Fictional gifts. Either to your friends – or just to yourself! Hermione’s Beaded Handbag… Read More Fictional Gifts